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Having a general understanding as to how cremation works is considered to be essential when it comes to making the best decisions possible for both your loved ones and yourself. It is best to educate yourself before you actually need to make end of life decisions than to have to learn about the process during a highly emotional time.

Simply put, cremation is the process of transforming a body into its most natural state via the use of heat. Typically, the body is placed into a container that has been approved before getting placed into a specialized chamber. The heat is so extreme that it causes the body to break down quite rapidly in the form of vaporization. What remains will be ashes and fragments of bones that will weight just a few pounds. You are free to keep these ashes and do with them whatever you please. People will most commonly opt to place the ashes in an urn for safekeeping, but that is not the only option. You could also have them buried in a burial plot or even turned into jewelry

Most people are of the belief that cremation is a replacement for the the standard funeral service that we have all grown accustomed to, but this is not at all true. Instead, cremation is a method to dispose of the body much like embalming and a funeral. It is not at all unusual for those who opt to be cremated to also decide to have a regular funeral service or memorial at a later date.

It is okay to be a bit scared of cremation, most people do get a bit frightened thinking about it. Upon learning about it, you likely won’t hold those same fears though. Arlington Cremation services would love to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the process. Taking a closer look at the procedure and how it truly works will show you that your loved one will be treated with the utmost amount of respect and very well taken care of.

The beauty of cremation is the fact that you can make decisions that are best for your specific set of needs. You should make sure that you let your family members know about any requests that you may have regarding your cremation. Arlington Cremation services will do everything in their power to make these requests a reality. Our memorial options provide something for every family.