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High school students are intimidated by the college admissions process. And rightly so. There are so many factors to consider beyond your top dream school, including location, academic courses of study, athletics programs, and more.

The application process usually involves testing, essays, interviews, and campus visits. Students and parents can easily get overwhelmed by all of the options that are out there. Families that find themselves in this position should consider the services of a college admissions consultant. These professionals are usually graduates of Ivy League schools and understand what a student needs to be successful in their application process. Oftentimes, consultants are former admissions officials themselves and have unique insight into acceptance requirements and preferences for schools.

Constantly shifting requirements for schools, like standardized testing requirements and required coursework means that staying on top of admissions trends usually requires a professional. Admissions consultants are able to help students identify the right school for them, set goals, manage deadlines, and provide college essay writing help, If their services are retained earlier on in high school, they can recommend coursework, athletics, and extracurricular activities that will bolster the student’s college application.

The services performed by a consultant can help put your family at ease during stressful college application season. They are well organized and will regularly check in with the student to monitor application process. Similarly, they can be honest about your choices based on your academic background and help find the best school for your level of competitiveness. But perhaps their best services revolve around the admissions essay. They can help formulate ideas, review drafts and offer suggestions. They can even set up mock interviews for students to get comfortable in front of an admissions committee.

Just like careful considerations into finding the right school, similar attention should be given to finding the right admission consultant for your family. There are many questions to ask, depending on what is important to you. Do you want your consultant to be an alumni of the same school your child wants to apply? Have they worked in admissions at a college? How many students have they helped place? Can they provide references? What is your budget for a consultant? All of these are important decisions to make on your search for a consultant to help the prospective student earn admission to their top choice schools.

Parents retain college consultants for their peace of mind as their students apply to college. With so many options available for schools, majors, sports, and extracurriculars, the services of a consultant can guide families to the right school and help set the student up for success.