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It doesn’t matter if you are a student trying to get through their Master’s thesis or an athlete training every day so they can excel at their next competition: life is tiring, and it gets you down. Sometimes we barely have any energy to get through the day, much less enough to perform to the best of our abilities and be excellent at what we do.

In those situations, we need extra help: an extra boost of energy to help us through the day… so why not consider a delicious guarana energy drink that includes all the benefits from guaraná, CBD, ginkgo biloba and ginseng with some caffeine from green coffee and that has a refreshing, tasty flavour that you can’t get enough of ? Meet Gorilla Hemp.

Gorilla Hemp: boost of energy

Gorilla Hemp is an energy drink without all the downsides: it is made completely out of natural ingredients so you do not need to worry about what you might be putting into your body; and it is entirely healthy.

Gorilla Hemp takes all the benefits from nature and it mixes them to create an incredibly tasty, refreshing energy drink that is all natural:

-160 MG of green coffee caffeine to keep you awake, alert and energized through the day.

-Hemp CBD that gives you balance and helps you recover faster from physical exertion without all the undesirable side effects of THC.

-Natural guaraná extract that helps fend off fatigue and mantain focus, getting rid of “brain fog”

-Gingseng, a powerful antioxidant with potent anti inflammatory effects that will help improve your brain function.

-Gingko biloba, a natural herb that helps keep your brain in tip top shape and provides a boost of brain function and general well being

All of this ingredients work together and combine their different benefits to help you stay stable, sharp, less fatigued and more awake !

Where to get it ?

Gorilla Hemp has become popular quickly, so it is not difficult to find us in different retailers all across the United States (mainly in the area of Texas and Georgia) by using our convenient store locator !

Find our products in different sizes and formats: a 12 pack, a 4 pack or a single can of Gorilla Hemp, with or without sugar. Join the Gorilla family and get that extra boost of energy you need to become the best version of yourself !